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Welcome! I’m happy you’re here-it means you’ve decided you want to begin working to get out of debt!! This was my New Year’s resolution at the beginning of 2018 and I’m happy to say I was able to keep that resolution. I made my last consumer debt payment on September 11, 2018 and haven’t regretted it a bit. I started the Older Wiser Money Miser blog in the hopes that I could help others do what I did.

My debt free journey was influenced by a number of financial experts, most notably Dave Ramsey and Clark Howard.  I used Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps as a guide but I will be the first to admit that I did not (and still don’t) follow them to the letter. I’m not a believer that there is one right way to do anything EXCEPT for your way. If you haven’t already signed up to receive your free Debt Free Challenge workbook, click here.

My approach to formulating a debt free strategy is helping you find one that you will actually stick to. For example, if you can use credit cards responsibly and, most importantly, PAY THEM OFF IN FULL EVERY MONTH, go ahead and continuing using them. If you do not have the discipline to pay your credit card balance every month, or to stay out of the mall when something shiny catches your eye, it might be time to break out the scissors and cut the cards up. We’re all adults capable of making informed decisions, and I’m a firm believer in taking personal responsibility. You know yourself better than anybody so any informed decision you make is yours-just be sure you can live with the consequences of your decision before you make it.

In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing multiple strategies I’ve found that have helped others clear their debt. Choose the strategy that works best for you and go for it! At this point comes the pesky disclaimer-Any and all items contained in the Older Wiser Money Miser Debt Free Challenge are intended as a resource for informational purposes only and should not be construed as professional tax or investing advice.

One other thing-I will be recommending some books to you over the course of the series. If you have access to a public library and don’t have a library card, go get one. Today. If you’d rather have your own copies of these books I will link to them so they can be purchased but if you’re trying to use your money to pay off debt I’d rather you apply your funds to your debt and borrow the books from the library.

The next post in the series will walk you through finding your starting point and finding your “why”. Stay tuned…

Be well and God Bless-until we meet again…

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