“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end” Closing Time – Semisonic


Hello, and welcome to the first and what I hope to be many, MANY years of posts about money, life, and whatever else strikes my fancy. By way of introduction, I’m a 50-something wife, mom, and full time accounting administrator. I’m also a reformed runner and avid walker who likes to participate in half marathons, 10K’s, and breast cancer distance charity walks. More on that later…

My husband (hereafter known as “The Hubs”) is a military veteran and a soon-to-be-retired letter carrier with the US Postal Service. Part of my reason for starting this blog is a bit on the selfish side-I have a LOT to learn about the transition from worker to retiree so I have a lot of research to do. I plan on sharing what I learn with you here.

As for the “mom” part of the equation, my son, whom I will refer to as “Sonny”, is a special needs adult who will be living at home for the foreseeable future. A lot of my and my husband’s lives, by necessity, revolve around his needs.

The name, “Older Wiser Money Miser” came about while I was training for my next race. A TON of inspiration comes to me while I’m out walking! I will admit to not always being a good steward of my money. Wasteful is a bit harsh, but if I’m being honest it’s the word I need to use. It was only recently, when The Hubs’ retirement started looming, that I took a good, hard look at how I was spending and decided it was time to stop being so wasteful. I cut a whole lot of waste out of my budget (now that I actually HAVE a budget) and became much more intentional with how I manage the household funds. I plan on sharing with you some of the tools & methods I’ve found so that you can see options and ultimately decide what is right for you.

The word, “miser” has a negative connotation and I was on the fence with using it for that reason. I’m not by any means a miserly person. I’m more of a frugal person, but “Older Wiser Money Frugal Person” doesn’t sound quite right to me for some reason…I decided on “Older Wiser Money Miser” because, well, because it rhymes. My story and I’m sticking to it! ?

Be well and God Bless. Until we meet again…

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