The Kindness of Strangers

“Rule 39” Leroy Jethro Gibbs

As I write this, I’m sitting at Gate C9 at Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport waiting to board a flight home. It’s just a little after 7am on a Sunday morning, and the sun just rose on what promises to be a well-deserved beautiful day for the people in ATL. It’s been a pretty rainy summer here!!

I’ve never been a big fan of flying, especially now in the post-9/11 world, but sometimes you just have to suck it up and do what needs to be done. My mom is having some rather serious surgery tomorrow morning and I have to be there to support her & my dad.

Last night was not the best night for sleeping and I’ll admit to being a bit on the cranky side this morning. I couldn’t use the “no coffee yet” thing as an excuse since I’d already had breakfast AND coffee-I was just crabby from lack of sleep. I decided to try the self-tag kiosk to tag my bag (flying Southwest—bags fly free!!) but the scanner was not cooperating. I could not get it to scan the boarding pass from my phone screen to save my life. I started to walk away from the kiosk mumbling, “screw technology” under my breath but apparently I said it louder than I thought. A lady standing in line offered to help me and while I felt I didn’t deserve for someone to be nice to me with my bad attitude, I accepted her help. Her name is Andra, and she was WONDERFUL!! She keyed in my confirmation number, printed out my luggage tag, attached it to my bag, and printed out my boarding pass, “in case your phone dies,” all in a very calm voice with a beautiful smile on her face. She told me she flies almost every day for her job as a crisis manager. It appears to me she’s VERY good at her job!! She did all this for a cranky old lady she’d never met before because, in her words, “it’s just better to be nice to people.” She’s right-it is. I learned a valuable lesson this morning from a stranger whom I’ll probably never see again, but I won’t soon forget the kindness of this person who decided I was worth a few minutes of her busy time. Thank you, Andra. You’re a gem of a lady!!

I also noticed kindness is contagious-a gentleman who observed our interaction allowed us to go in front of him and check our bags. I didn’t get his name but I feel pretty certain he was affected by Andra’s kindness, too. I walked away from the airline counter wondering what I had done to warrant all these strangers being so nice to me. My plan is to pay it forward to someone I encounter who is having a bad day. I’ll let you know how it goes!!

So now I’m sitting at the gate waiting to board. One of my favorite Daffy Duck cartoons is on the gate monitor. They’re showing Boomerang (a division of Cartoon Network) instead of the usual CNN, which is a refreshing change…

[UPDATE] It’s one day later and, as I write this, I’m sitting with my dad waiting for my mom to be moved to her hospital room. According to her doctor, her procedure had the “Best Possible Outcome” and she could be home as early as tomorrow. Prayers answered! 🙂

[UPDATE #2] It’s day 2 post-op and Mom is home and doing well. I’m flying home to my guys today and will be sure to help anyone I see who is struggling with the travel technology. Life is GOOD!

So, have you encountered the kindness of a stranger? Have YOU been the stranger showing kindness to your fellow man with no expectation of anything except feeling good in return? Please share in the comments.

Be well and God Bless-until we meet again…

A little Good News never hurt anyone

“Bad news isn’t wine. It doesn’t improve with age.” Colin Powell

If you’re anything like me, you watch the news for the weather and ignore most of the rest. “If it bleeds, it leads” is not too far off. I have absolutely NO intention of having heated discussions, political or otherwise, on this blog. There are plenty of other forums for that kind of thing. Periodically, I plan on sharing some of the good I observe in my day to day life and I hope you find it a refreshing distraction from the day to day STUFF that we see, hear and read every day. Now, on to the Good News of the day…

My commute to the office is a short one-less than 10 miles from my front door to the office. I’m usually out the door by 7 and at my desk by 7:30. My commute to work, thankfully, does not involve interstate driving so I can see what’s going on in the neighborhoods I’m driving through. There’s a guy out walking his dog-a nice sized Rottweiler who tries to “get” my car every time I drive by. He just wants to play and it makes me laugh every time I see him. Almost every day I see the same man and the same woman out for their morning run. Not together, but running the same sidewalk and getting it done before the nasty summer Georgia heat gets too unbearable. Then there’s the guy I’ve come to calling the Trash Guy…

Trash Guy is not a young man, but he’s not especially old, either. He’s got short curly hair that has more gray than blonde in it. He’s dressed as if he’s ready to go on a hike-floppy hat to keep the sun off his neck & head, cargo shorts, plaid cotton shirt, crew socks and what the Brits call “trainers” but we call tennis shoes whether they’re for tennis or not. Anyhow…he’s carrying a backpack and using a large walking stick.

The reason I call him Trash Guy is because he’s out most mornings picking up the trash on the side of the road. I don’t know what motivates him, but he sees a need and he’s filling it. I don’t see him every day, and I miss him when he’s not there, hoping it’s just because he’s decided to take the morning off and not because he’s ill or has some other trouble in his life he’s had to deal with.

I’ve often thought of stopping when I see him, rolling down the window, and shouting my thanks to him. I haven’t done it yet and I don’t really have a good excuse except to say that I’m driving and I have to watch for what is going on around me. I will promise you this, though-when a good opportunity presents itself I will stop and say, “hello” to him. I will ask his name and I will thank him for looking out for his neighborhood. I have no idea if he knows someone has noticed him and what he’s doing but he should be told his efforts are appreciated. I’ll report back when I have a chance to speak with him.

Be well and God Bless…until we meet again.