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“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” –Phil Jackson

I need to brag on Sonny just a little bit today, but first a little background. In one of my very earliest posts I told you about how I Fired My Housekeeper. It’s now several months later and I’m happy to say that the division of labor experiment, while not a total success, is going pretty well. I’ve learned to live with a little bit of clutter but I’m safe in the knowledge that the health inspector won’t be beating a path to my front door any time soon. 🙂

During my recent adventure I managed to injure myself. Nothing serious, but my mobility will be a bit restricted for the immediate future. While I won’t be walking any marathons any time soon, the work in the house still needs to be done. When I returned from my trip the cleaning schedule dictated that the bathrooms needed to be cleaned. That’s where Sonny comes in-the job, while not hard, is rather labor intensive and I was not sure I could get it done by myself. I asked Sonny if he would help me, and he never hesitated. I gave him a few tasks I knew he could handle and he tackled them with vigor and enthusiasm. It was much appreciated help, as it would’ve grossed me out terribly to let this chore go undone for much longer.

I labeled this post “Teamwork” because that truly defines my family. We ARE a team, and a great one, at that. Sonny has his limitations but Hubs and I have never allowed him to use Autism as an excuse for bad behavior, nor can he get away with not being a contributing member of our family. He pulls his weight, for sure.

I needed my son and he was there for me today. All the money in the world can’t buy that. I am indeed blessed.

Be well and God Bless-until we meet again…

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