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“Budgets are nothing if not statements of priorities.” Jeff Merkley

One of the other quotes I found about budgeting when preparing this post was from someone named Mason Cooley, who said, “A budget takes the fun out of money.” I must respectfully disagree with Mr. Cooley. Having a written budget tells me exactly where my money is going so that I am the master of IT; it is NOT the master of me.

Back in the days pre-OWMM I kept pretty good track of my bills as they came in, but I wasn’t very good at tracking my spending. There were many times when I had to employ some of what can only be called “creative accounting” to get everything paid on time. I will admit to having more than one sleepless night wondering how I was going to cover everything. Sorry, Mason Cooley-those were not fun times.

Fast forward to today-now that I have a written budget I know what is coming in and where it’s going. I plan it all out including a line item for the unexpected. Case in point-after 18 years my dishwasher gave out recently. Things just don’t last anymore…It was over the recent holiday weekend and some pretty good sales were going on so Hubs and I were able to find a good dishwasher at a great price and we didn’t have to wonder where the money to pay for it was going to come from. THAT, my friends, is freedom!

I covered budgeting basics in a blog post a few months back. It’s worth revisiting to find some online tools for getting your written budget rolling. If you would rather not use an app or other online tool a spreadsheet or good old pencil and paper will do. I urge you to start a written budget and stick to it. It takes work and discipline but nothing worthwhile is easy, right? YOU are the master, not the slave, to your money. Put in a little work up front to make it work for you in the long run. It may not be fun, as Mason Cooley says, but it IS worth your time and effort. Trust me on this one…

Be well and God Bless-until we meet again…




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