“I hate the commercialism part of the holidays so I wanted to bring the reason behind it back.”  Michel P.-my nephew’s wife

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Sometime when you’re just hanging out on Facebook you run into something posted that really hits you where it counts. Today was one of those days. Michel was inspired to put something together to celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday with her 4 children. She had a vision, and after visiting a few dollar stores with her daughter her vision came to life. All these items were on clearance-to be honest I never realized dollar stores put things on clearance but they do! They put it all together and the photo shows the end result.

While the tree is beautiful, she’s not finished quite yet. Her plan is to have her older 2 children (ages 12 & 11) write a card once a day saying what they are thankful for, and then attaching the cards with their notes to the tree. On Thanksgiving Day they’ll take the cards and read them. Right about the time I read this I got something in my eye…

I think this is a wonderful idea. My previous post was all about getting ready for the shopping part of the upcoming holiday. Today I’m happy to focus on the real reason for Thanksgiving, and I’m especially proud that it was one of my younger family members who reminded me. Thanks for the reminder, Mic. You’re doing it right. 🙂

Be well and God Bless-until we meet again…


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